Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rehearsal Blogging

Lots of silliness as we go off book for the first time. First, we had a long delay prior to starting rehearsal, while people got measurements taken for costumes and took care of other necessary bits. Somebody brought in the puppet, who's taking the place of one cast member. No, I'm not kidding. Thing is, the puppet already has a wardrobe. In fact, she's got better costumes than the rest of us. Have I mentioned she's also got the best lines?

Here she is getting told off by "Bernice"

Offstage, we're still running the lines.

"Olga" at the piano, being bugged by "Bernice"

"Linda" tells her mother off.

"Pat" and "Kaye"

"Keith" and "Terry"

Okay, somebody was up in the lightbooth

About a third of the cast, just hanging out:

"Terry and "her father"

Relaxing on the sidelines:

Fun Fact: It's probably about fifty degrees in there on cold days. We're freezing.

Quote of the night from extraneous conversation:
Q: "Do you know what Adderal is?"
A: "Do you mean from the Music Man?"

Most fun: After a character offs herself in a manner totally different from the script (a gunshot "blowing the top of her head off" was deemed more fun than poison, and that only after we tried to think up "safe" ways we could have her hang herself from the lightbooth) all cast members not onstage are required to stomp like we're runnning to her bedroom, then scream and sob randomly. We had too much fun thinking up things to say. I believe I heard things like: "Are you okay?" "Can I have her room?" We took the stomping and sobbing right over the top, too.

Only problem: we forgot not to laugh. Oh, and I suppose we shouldn't have been surfing on that platform thingy with wheels backstage. Whoops.

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