Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Quick Quiz

via McSweeney's

Ikea Product or Lord of the Rings Character?


1. Faramir
2. Freden
3. Grundtal
4. Boromir
5. Molger
6. Galdor
7. Freda
8. Agerum
9. Babord
10. Frodo
11. Grima
12. Akurum
13. Brunkrissla
14. Sultan Högbo
15. Deagol
16. Grimbold

Answers here.

For more oddities that made me giggle, see also: Submission Guidelines for Our Refrigerator Door, Revised Corporate E-mail Signature, and Stories That Would Have Turned Out Differently If The Protagonists Had Had Cell Phones.

In theater babbling, we're plugging along, but it's rather interesting. Because of the size of the cast and the script, we're only going to have gone through each scene about twice before tech week. Memorization is going to be essential, and I'm waiting to see if we all pull it off. As for the cast: twenty-eight people, and that doesn't count the fact that four people are doubling up parts, one of them as a puppet. The puppet gets the best lines in the play.

We've also rearranged the set again. In running last night's scene, it occurred to us we should move the front door. With a small cast, this isn't a problem, but I anticipate we'll still be telling new people about the change a week from now.

On the good side: I've got one of those characters you can really play up, with a ton of "bits" that are good for a laugh. I even get to do a choke take with a banana. Yep, we're playing the double entendres. Should be fun.

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