Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Weekend Outing

Saturday, Nelle, Kmacis, Don and I went over to Eureka Springs, just 'cause it's there. Most of the town consists of a herd of bed and breakfasts interspersed with antique shops, new age stores, or generic kitsch, so I didn't bother with photos. Though some of the B&B's are definitely cool. We did stop at an old railyard, where I got a few shots

A photo of the train station/gift shop.

One of the engines:

Trying to shoot one train car from the window of another. Artsy, no? Okay, maybe not so much . . .

Then I tried a black-and-white shot, which I do think turned out rather well:

A shot of the creek, which is apparently part of the Eureka Spring water system:

Oh, and I did get one shot from the shopping excursion through town. Knowing me, you'd think it would be of the cute velvet and lace skirt I saw, or maybe a pair of strappy heels. Then again, maybe not:

BTW - I did these via my cell because I forgot to bring a camera. Nelle probably has much better pics of a bunch of different stuff, 'cause she remembers to do things like that.

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