Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nice Try?

More from the Register:
A videotaped interview between a 10-year-old Cedar Rapids girl allegedly molested by James Bentley and a child protection worker is not a public record, a judge ruled.

In his ordered filed last week, District Judge Denver Dillard rejected a request from a Cedar Rapids television station for a copy of the tape with Jetseta Gage.

KCRG-TV requested a copy of the tape of the child’s November 2004 interview at the St. Luke’s Child Protection Center in Cedar Rapids.
“The videotape is not a public record and not subject to a right of examination,” Dillard ruled. . . .

In the request for the tape, KCRG attorney Kevin Caster did not describe how station executives intended to use the tape or whether any or all of it would ever be broadcast.

Nothing ventured, I suppose, but anyone could tell you child abuse interviews are confidential and not a matter of public record. A corrollary question: so are you intentionally trying to poison the jury pool and ensure years of appeals?


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