Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fringe Blogging II

So after last night's debacle, we got a late start and swung by the guy's hotel around noon. Trivia: we all needed a cheap, good hotel and so we did the priceline thing, punching in $60 per night for a three-star room, and had to take what they gave us. Dawn and I got a nice room at the Marriott with very comfy beds, though internet access is $10/day. The guys . . . well they have free internet access. And their bed looks quite comfy. That's right, bed. For three of them, last night, two the other nights. Dawn and I just giggled. And maybe made a "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" reference or two.

Then we went back to the Royal Mile for breakfast lunch, where we met up with Kevin and Helen:

I had to try the Holy Grail Ale:

And take a photo of the scene of last nights Courtyard adventures:

We then went to a bookstore, very dangerous. I escaped with only two new novels, which is actually quite good for me. Then we hit the space around 4:00 to do a run-through before the 6:00 show. The stage:

The "Green Room" was rather, erm, rough . . . and it had a wall of windows facing the street, without any curtains, something I was reminded of when I stripped down to change costumes and flashed a pedestrian . . .

Another view of the stage, all set up to run Subjugation:

The side view, showing our three-foot "backstage":

After the show, we got some pizza then hurried over to the Pappajohn building to watch Rachel Howell's "Horatio's Purgatory," an excellent show starring Jaret Morland and Kehry Lane. It was completely awesome - go see it as well, if you have the chance (Saturday at 2:00 and 9:30, Sunday at 2:00). Afterward, we joined up with them to present an all-Iowa City front at the reception at Hotel Fort Des Moines. The Fringe people had hired a guerrilla theater group to do a performance. Couldn't get the best pics due to lighting, but for what it's worth, here's one:

They were doing some amazing stuff, although the majority of the crowd ignored them. After the performance, we got free sample DVD's - "Wild Animus: An Art Brut Storytelling Experiment."

After midnight, the guys suggested a poker game, but I declined. We're hitting the Farmer's Market this morning to pass out flyers, then we're supposed to catch a show at two, perform at 3:30, another show at 5:00 (though I'm bowing out on that one and possibly the 2:00, to work on some other stuff from back home), and a performance at 8:00. I'm not sure where we're drinking tonight yet. Oh, and I've gotta call Stefanie (Bob) to see if she can join us for lunch. As far as the blogger bash goes, I won't be able to attend after all, since we're now on for two shows today. Dammit. But Stefanie has my cell #, and although I know she's unavailable afterwards tonight I'd sure like to hook up with any other stray bloggers that are up for a beer or two after the bash and our show (?).

Only two days left!

MA for Mature Audiences
by Gregory Aldrich, Matthew Brewbaker, and Dawn Wittke-King
directed by Matthew Brewbaker and Dawn Wittke-King
July 20, 9:00 pm; July 21, 6:30 pm; July 22, 3:30 and 8:00 pm; July 23, 3:30 pm

“Subjugation” features three interwoven monologues addressing redemption, power, and revenge. Adult language and situations.

“The Ladybugs” is a fast paced political satire full of adult language. 3 performers.

“The Gifted” is a piece about growing up featuring gamesmanship, random references from Alice Miller's "Drama of The Gifted Child" and male nudity.

1 hr 30 min - 13th & Walnut (commercial building on SW corner; west side) Des Moines

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