Saturday, June 17, 2006


about the prolonged absence. I've had to go into lurk mode for a while. Here's the scoop, for those of you who know me:

1) The 9th was the last day at work, and I had to spend a couple weeks prior to that cleaning up all my files for transfer. All the things I had in the back of my mind that needed to be done had to either actually be done, or put into the notes so the next victim attorney to take the file would have the info to do with as he/she pleased. I then had to separate out the files between ones that were fairly no-brainer and could go to the new guy vs. ones that were volitile and required significant babysitting and should probably go to my boss. Then, I had to field all the inevitable questions: a) Why Chicago? (I am originally from the 'burbs and have significant ties to the area); b) Where's the new job (I have no idea yet, but my lease is up in July and I'm not waiting another year); 3) Where's the new apartment (with friends, until I have an income). I was also trying to politely hound my references to get them to me so I can apply for admission by motion to Illinois' bar. (I still need that form, Not the Moonbat. I ain't kidding. I know where you live.) There was also the packing of the office, particularly the cleaning of that one drawer where dead pens, rubberbands, and loose change went to die. Turning it upside down into a box ended up being the most effective method. Oh, and the cleaning of the email inbox. Loads of fun. Finally, there were the obligatory goodbye lunches.

2) Once that was accomplished, I was ready to take the weekend off and head for the city on Monday to start pounding the pavement, to return Friday (yesterday) for rehearsals on Dreamwell's Fringe Fest piece. I went out to dinner with friends the night of the 9th, and ended up staying out until 3 or so watching movies. An auspicious start. . . until an hour or so later when I started getting frantic calls from the homestead. A sibling was in the hospital in a coma. Details aren't mine to share, but death was nearly involved. Fortunately, it looks like recovery is well on the way, and Sibling went home late last week. However, there were further developments involving family members and general furor, and the phone calls still haven't really stopped flying, though I try to stay under the radar whenever possible. This is all cryptic, I know, but email me if you know the players and I can be a tad more forthcoming. It's been a juxtaposition of Crisis and Drama with fully capital letters. Extremely draining, and I'm still in recovery.

So, now I've had a day to regroup, and I'll look at actually writing as well as reading. Upshot: sorry no posting, but I have a really, really good excuse and the blogger dog ate my homework and if I finish the posts by the end of the week could I still get half-credit?

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