Monday, October 04, 2010


Why, oh why, do people believe that their religious views have any bearing whatsoever on what our civil code should encompass? Why do they fail to comprehend that any sort of theocracy is a very bad idea, particularly to those citizens who don't practice your faith? Do they not understand that if we codify one faith, we can also codify another? How about the idea that another religion might eventually outnumber your own and you may find yourself utterly f*cked?

If you want to tell people about your religion, fine. Go out on a street corner and preach away.  Invite them to church or temple or mosque. Give out religious literature,candies or trinkets. But don't be so very stupid as to try to make any of its tenets the law of the land, or to make indoctrination in school or prayer to any deity mandatory. And I really don't care what religious or historical figure you believe thought it was a good idea. You're either wrong about what you think they thought, or they were wrong in thinking it.

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