Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Side Notes

Has anyone else noticed that the Press-Citizen site has become totally unworkable? I mean, first bury the news below a slideshow of football that is a) very distracting, and b) slows the page way down. Then the rss feeder stops working (or at least doesn't work with Bloglines), so I can't even get the headlines - which never included Editorials, so I'd always have to go to the site anyway (and I don't very often anymore 'cause the damn slideshow). I've virtually stopped using it as a source. Anyone else as frustrated as I?

Is anyone else totally saturated with all the political press? I mean, I start doing analysis on something meaningful - health care, the economy, AIG - and set it aside to get some actual work done during the day. By the time I get back, we've got 10,000 more rumors from both sides and I can't decide whether to fact check them, work on the original article or just shut it down and do something else. Whenever my brain goes into overdrive or I find myself yelling at the computer, I know it's time for option C. Which is why there's still no substantive post yet.

I've got a bunch of cases that are in turmoil right now, and I've been working my butt of for the last few days. I didn't finish yesterday's work until 10:30. If I owe you an email, I'm working on it. . .

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