Thursday, June 12, 2008


They're gonna close I-80 and route people on 30 and 380. Of course, they assure us 380 is not planning to close, even though it did in 1993. Comments on that link discuss getting from CR to IC via Highway 1 through Solon. However, although I can't find any news talking about this, I happen to know from driving it yesterday that the water appeared to me to be within a couple of feet of flooding Highway 1 near the Cedar River Bridge just outside Mount Vernon.

So, I'm trying to plan alternate routes. Highway 30 to 151 and down to 6? If I recall 1993, that one was right out. The only thing I can think of is going far enough east or west that you can get parallel with IC (north/south-wise) without hitting the river, and coming in up one of the back roads. Good lord.

Side note: so much for the Farmer's Almanac:
April and May will have above-normal temperatures, with near-normal rainfall. Early and late May will be especially warm.

Summer will be slightly cooler and drier than normal. The hottest temperatures will occur in early and mid- to late June and mid- to late July.

UPDATE: Well, D just called and the Cedar River is over Highway 1 at the bridge outside of Mount Vernon. It's not closed yet, but he says it's kind of high, so it will be soon. So that's the first route to IC to go down.

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